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Effective web solutions for your business
We have extensive experience in website development. The team has deep knowledge and experience in all modern methods of creating sites. Our expertise allows you to delve deeply into the task and offer a solution that will be effective specifically for your business.
individual approach for each client
Используем технологии при разработке сайтов, которые подходят для вашего бизнеса
Let's decide on the task
Leave a request, we will contact you and together we will determine the tasks for developing a site for your business.
below are 6 main types of website development projects
Landing Page
This is a one-page site on which a product or service is presented in a favorable light to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Landing page is most often used for product presentation, collection of contacts, sale of goods or services.
Corporate website
A multi-page website that represents the company and details its services. The purpose of the corporate site is to interest the client and translate the visit into dialogue with the sales department. By the way, now you are on the corporate website :)
Online store
A multi-page website, the purpose of which is to sell client products as efficiently as possible. We create both small trading platforms for local brands, and large projects with thousands of products / integration with various systems, etc.
One-page site, which is issued in the form of a longread. Ideal for presenting to your customers, perfectly replacing the obsolete PowerPoint and Keynote. Also, this solution will be indispensable in the preparation of a resume or portfolio.
Website revision
It often happens that a client already has a website, large and functional. But it requires improvements, as it was either done a long time ago, or initially not in the best way. In this case, we take access to the site, study it and offer the client the most successful solution in his case.
Individual project
We are talking about projects with non-standard tasks. When most studios say "this is impossible," we will study your task in detail and propose a solution that suits you.
Fresh cases
During our work, we have created over 100 sites
A case for creating a site for or what a cool site looks like.

In this case, we are analyzing a site for a bartenders' competition created for the Bayadera, and we also say in general what criteria a good site should have in 2020.
Advantages of ordering a site in PLESA
your digital partner
The team to create a site always has a marketer who will take into account all the marketing nuances for further effective promotion.
The latest technologies in development will allow the site not to lose relevance for many years. In the future, the site will be possible to modify and equip with new functionality as you like.
Your future site will contain a lot of graphics, so the selected set of technologies will optimize the site for fast loading on mobile and desktop devices.
High degree of security for your future site. Our product is resistant to attacks and heavy traffic loads.
The ability to develop an admin panel with all the client's wishes for convenient site administration without accessing the studio.
24/7 support
We know that sometimes the fate of a project depends on whether changes will be made in the evening or at the weekend. Cooperating with us, you can be sure - they will.
Website development steps
Составление ТЗ
На данном этапе мы будем детально обсуждать с вами наш будущий сайт, и учтем весь необходимый функционал в ТЗ
Получение/разработка контента
Нам важно иметь на руках максимальное количество контента нашего будущего сайта, для разработки прототипов.
Разработка прототипа сайта
На данном этапе мы разрабатываем черно-белые макеты сайта с детальным описанием функционала. Часто первые три пункта мы выполняем параллельно, для ускорения процесса разработки.
Разработка дизайна сайта
После согласования прототипа сайта приступаем к разработке дизайна для мобильной версии и десктоп.
Верстка разработанного макета
После согласования дизайна мы начинаем верстать макеты. Данный процесс идет параллельно с дизайном, поскольку согласованные макеты мы сразу передаем в верстку, тем временем готовим и согласовываем макеты других страниц.
Программирование (Backend)
Данный процесс идет параллельно со всеми остальными, после согласования Технического Задания (ТЗ). К примеру разработку административной панели можно начать еще до дизайна страниц. В некоторых простых проектах данный пункт может отсутствовать
Наполнение сайта
Наполнение сайта контентом.
Тестирование/оптимизация сайта
Данный процесс очень важен при работе с такими большими проектами. После того как наш сайт уже готов, мы начинаем его тестирование и исправление багов.
Финальное утверждение и запуск
После проведения тестирования и исправления большинства ошибок мы запускаем наш проект в долгое плавание :)
Давайте работать вместе!
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